Merchandise check-in information:


Bring your items (tagged and ready to sell!) to the Florence United Methodist Church.  You must sign up for a Check-in time on Tuesday May 7th OR Wednesday May 8th:

  • Please select your check-in time no later than Sunday, May 5th.
  • To sign up, log into your Seller's account and select the "Check-In" link.  Reserving your sign-up time will allow you to quickly check-in your items without waiting in line.
  • You will have the option of dropping off your items with a phone number.  However, if any items are prepared incorrectly, we must "refuse" the item and it will be available for pick up or donated (if you request) at the end of the sale. 
  • We require that you stay while we check in and review your inventory to be sure items are hung, pinned and taped appropriately.  This will allow you to correct any mistakes.
  • Hints:
  • Bring your clothing already sorted into 2 groups (boys & girls) and organize each group by size. 
  • Wait to seal DVDs, CDs, tapes until after check-in approval.


Tracking your sales:

  • At the end of each sale day, we will update the system so you can see what items of yours have sold, and how much money you have made. 
  • To view this, log into your seller's account. 
  • From your seller’s home page, click “View Settlement Report”.