Merchandise Pick-Up: (Saturday, May 11th from 2:45-4pm)

Pick up your remaining items that were not sold or donated. Our volunteers will sort the unsold/not donated items into groups for each seller number, making it easy for you to locate your items!


If you cannot pick up your items, we do allow you to assign someone to do so in your place; however, YOU MUST NOTE this when you drop your items at Check-In.



Items not picked up by this time will be considered donations and dispersed accordingly!



CHECKS will be given to Sellers during Pick-Up time (date/time shown above).  Any checks that are not picked up will be mailed to the mailing address in your seller’s account, minus a $5.00 fee for certified mail with delivery confirmation and processing. 

  • Please be sure your address is correct by logging in your seller’s home page and clicking “My Account”. 
  • This will show you the address we have listed for you in our system.  Make any modifications if needed, and click “update changes” in order to save any new information. 

Final printing to do for tax records (after sale is finished):

  • The Florence United Methodist MOPS group is a non-profit 501(c)(3), therefore, you may be allowed to deduct the 25-30% FUMC MOPS retains as a tax deduction. 
  • Print a copy of your Settlement Report to keep with your tax records.  From your seller’s home page, click “View Settlement Report”.
  • If you donate any items that did not sell, you can record this for tax purposes. 
  • From your seller’s home page, click “Manage Inventory”.
  • In the green “Reports” box, select “Inventory Report”. 
  • Click the column heading “Status” and in the drop-down menu select only the donated items, then print this form.